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This Song F***ing Sucks!

Dec 7, 2017

Dancing hair, Kevin Costner, and Days of Thunder are topics of conversation when Jeff and Jake are joined by Jon Fisch (Spiraling Up) to discuss "Despacito".  Everyone else is talking about it and so are we. 






Nov 22, 2017

Jamie Kennedy, pro coverage, and the punk hole are topics of conversation on episode 48 of This Song Fucking Sucks.  Jeff is joined by comedian Alex Hooper (Crave) to discuss The Offspring's "Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)".  Catch...

Nov 8, 2017

Tween love, misplaced self confidence, and a creepy delinquent cousin are the topics of conversation for episode 47 of This Song Fucking Sucks.  On this episode Jeff is joined by cohost of The Shufflepod; George Macris to discuss youtube kid Jacob Sartorius and his song "Hit You Back".  And that Black Bear guy.  What a...

Oct 25, 2017

Halloween is just around the coroner (see what I did there?) so what better time of year to welcome back spooky return guest Kate Irizarry.  With Jake Nunn in the copilot's seat Jeff helps Kate to discuss Flo Rida's 2008 song "Low" featuring T Pain.  A multitude of fruits are discussed as well as many different pantlike...

Oct 11, 2017

Jeff taps former guest and Hell Fire singer Jake Nunn to cohost episode 45 with return guest Michael Cook of Retro Rocket Entertainment.  This episode covers Lou Bega's late 1900's flash in the pan "Mambo No 5". ...