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This Song F***ing Sucks!

Jan 31, 2017

Morning wood, dumptrucks, and unsexy jangles are some of the topics covered in episode 29 of This Song Fucking Sucks.  Jeff & JP are joined by Nick DeSimone from to discuss "Feel Like Makin' Love" by Bad Company.  Dammit Paul Rodgers.  We're putting you on notice.

Jan 17, 2017

Oceanside lubrication issues, crustacean vulva battles, and Swedish beverage misnaming are topics of discussion on episode 28 of This Song Fucking Sucks.  This Week Jeff & JP are joined by Zeena Koda for an in depth analysis of DNCE's "Cake by the Ocean".  Wouldn't you get sand in the frosting?



Jan 6, 2017

Join us as we celebrate one year of suck with our look back on season 1 of This Song Fucking Sucks.  Revisit some of our favorite moments sounds, impressions, zingers, and telling people to fuck off.  Here's to this year and hoping it's better.  Can't get no worse!